Solabrador Whoooooof!

About the SOLABRADOR Project

The $SOBER token is a community-driven memecoin operating on the Solana Blockchain. As the era of Ethereum-based memecoins wanes, a new era for Solana memecoins is dawning. Every thriving ecosystem requires a strong community project and a captivating memecoin. With Ethereum's decline and Solana's ascent, the demand for a robust memecoin project has never been greater.

While the largest memecoin projects currently reside on Ethereum and BSC, this landscape is poised for a change. Enter $SOBER. Memecoins on Solana offer enhanced user-friendliness. Moreover, they provide more affordable exposure, making them accessible to everyone, as true memecoins should be.


As a community-focused project, our primary goal is to ensure a fair launch and equitable distribution. Our current plan includes:

Liquidity & Farming Rewards

Tokens allocated to liquidity and farming rewards.


Reserved for Airdrop.

Integration Grants & Marketing

Dedicated to integration grants and marketing.

CEX Integrations

For CEX integrations.

Additionally, we will provide $300-500K in initial liquidity and 0% transaction tax.


Do you plan to list $SOBER on centralized exchanges?

Yes, we are planning to list $SOBER on several centralized exchanges.

How can I participate in the airdrop?

To participate in the airdrop, follow the instructions on our pinned Twitter post. Ensure you meet all the criteria to be eligible for the airdrop.

What are the long-term goals for the $SOBER project?

Our long-term goal is to establish $SOBER as a leading memecoin in the Solana ecosystem, known for its strong community, innovative features, and real-world applications. We aim to foster a sustainable and thriving ecosystem that contributes positively to the broader crypto community.

What makes $SOBER different from other memecoins?

$SOBER stands out due to its unique focus on community-driven initiatives, lower transaction fees, and efficient scalability, all thanks to its foundation on the Solana blockchain. We aim to create a more inclusive and engaging experience for our users.